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Contractual staffing approaches allow employers to be flexible. Moreover, contractual employees work part-time, on independent contracts, and on a seasonal basis.

Get an employee on contract

Saves you tons of money

A contractual-based employee has no maintenance cost and can be hired without needing the employers to pay medical insurance, PF, etc.

Suitable for small projects

Companies looking for temporary positions will benefit from this type of work.

Ending the contract if not satisfied

The employees are on contract, so if you aren't satisfied with their work you can choose not to renew their contract.

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Our experienced consultants are spread across the leading IT focus locations in the entire country also internationally.

Ident and Research

Our Ident & Research approach is fully digitized and ensures that companies often get to know the best candidates after just 1-3 weeks.

Intelligent Active Sourcing

A targeted interaction of our employees with the most advanced AI-supported technology guarantees that candidates fit the company - and stay with the company in the long term.

Who is a contract staff?

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Contract staff is a staff recruited by an organization according to a specific need and for a defined duration. If the need to get the work done is urgent or no suitable candidate for the position is found, then it is possible to recruit a contract agent.


A contract worker can also be recruited to replace a permanent staff (in case of absence, leave, illness, etc.). It can also be used to cover a transition period between two tenured agents. A contract agent is therefore in this case subject to a short contract around a precise and defined need.

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A Recruitment Agency is viewed as part of a business related to candidate search, screening, and recruitment of final applicants.

As part of our recruitment agency in Delhi, we support our clients in deciding the best recruitment policies.

BizMolecules operates throughout India, just its head office is located in Delhi.

A Recruitment Agency such as ours can equip your organization with the right resources so that it grows at a rapid pace.

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