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Lateral Hiring

An explanation of Lateral Recruitment is that it involves finding an industrial expert for a high-level position to compete in an industry that is highly competitive. You can hire an industrial expert because they are pioneers in their field, which could be very advantageous for you.

Permanent Staffing

In Permanent Staffing, both the employee and the employer are contractually bound to each other for an indefinite period of time. The concluded employment relationship is declared as open-ended, which means that the employee cannot be easily terminated and both parties must comply with an agreed or legally regulated notice period.

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Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing implies the hiring of a person for a specific job under specific conditions for a specific period of time. A contract (or self-employed) staff is not considered a permanent employee. He is therefore not entitled to the benefits or accommodations offered to permanent employees under standard company policies and procedures.

Digital Marketing Services

BizMolecules is the company group’s strategy unit that is expert in understanding the market and the consumer. We help brands grow through actionable consumer insights in the borderland between business development and marketing strategy. As a strategic partner, we turn problems into opportunities. We take on your business challenges with passion, creativity, and data-driven consumer insights at the center.

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Skill Development Program

Our goal with BizMolecules is to provide the best training program for your employees, supervisors, managers, and executive leadership team. All programs are designed specifically for your company and tailored to meet your requirements.

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BizMolecules Best HR Consultancy Services

A Recruitment Agency is viewed as part of a business related to candidate search, screening, and recruitment of final applicants.

As part of our recruitment agency in Delhi, we support our clients in deciding the best recruitment policies.

BizMolecules operates throughout India, just its head office is located in Delhi.

A Recruitment Agency such as ours can equip your organization with the right resources so that it grows at a rapid pace.

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